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Healing Waters.


Super filtered, rich in hydrogen & beneficial energies


Natural Weight Control.



Homeopathic Weight & Wellness lifestyle all-natural system that target the root causes of the weight problem including detox, thyroid, adrenals, insulin resistance...



Energy Technologies.


Energy subscriptions for discomfort, vision... plus non-transdermal patches for CBD, nitric oxide, and personal energy & fresh cards


The Skinny on


In the middle of the wellness pyramid is “best weight” – eating all natural as much as possible. Regarding eating programs or tools, here is a phenomenal all-natural option: www.LifeboatWeightChallenge.com (34min video)

This program uses homeopathic drops that target the true root causes of the problem: thyroid, adrenals, insulin resistance, toxicity, digestion, appetite, metabolism, and more. The 2nd set of drops includes sublingual B12 combined with adaptogens and other key ingredients. Listen to the video above to learn about the extra nutrients provided in the first month to help the body detox, balance, and recover to a more optimal state.

The products are of the utmost purity and have been used for 7+ years to help people achieve and maintain optimal weight and health. This program teaches people to eat all-natural long term with moderate exercise and a healthy lifestyle that can put an end to yoyo dieting.
I put together a way to share this technology with others and also earn phenomenal income at the same time using a video-driven system.

If this 3-minute intro makes you want to learn more: www.LifeboatWeightINTRO.com, then watch the 30-minute main presentation: www.LifeboatWeightMAIN.com
Following this plan can be astoundingly rewarding with as little as 2 yes’s to the video, while getting 4 yes’s puts it over the top.

For details on the brilliant compensation and brilliant technology, read this 2-page document:  If you want to be my partner in this program, contact me or use 10-minute www.LifeboatWeightACTIONPLAN.com