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Healing Waters.


Super filtered, rich in hydrogen & beneficial energies


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Homeopathic Weight & Wellness lifestyle all-natural system that target the root causes of the weight problem including detox, thyroid, adrenals, insulin resistance...



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Energy subscriptions for discomfort, vision... plus non-transdermal patches for CBD, nitric oxide, and personal energy & fresh cards


The Power of


At the base or foundation of the wellness pyramid is the best water. Hydration is among the most important topics in wellness, yet the most misunderstood and the most unsolved. Take 20 minutes to learn some of the amazing truths about hydration:


There is only 1 drinking water machine that stands out as truly exceptional: Echo 9 Ultra H2

  • Designed to create and dissolve “molecular hydrogen” aka H2 or diatomic hydrogen. There are 700+ clinical studies naming 170+ human disease H2 is proven to help (e.g. diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkenson’s, osteoporosis, hypertension, autism, chronic inflammation). Other machines are focused on the wrong objective such as creating extremely alkaline pH water.
  • Purity – 9 stage filtration including KDF 55, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, mecications, chloramines, floramines, etc. Other machines may have a 1, 2, or 4 stage filter.
  • Energy – 3 forms of beneficial energies/frequencies offered in the Echo 9 Ultra H2.
  • Maintenance free operation – Echo 9 Ultra H2 has patented anti-scaling, meaning electrodes never have to be cleaned while many others should be cleaned every 2 weeks. With anti-scaling and reliable high quality components, Echo 9 Ultra H2 is guaranteed forever parts/labor/shipping both ways.
  • Produces 3 different kinds of water from the single machine while all others only produce 1 or 2.

1. Neutral pH drinking water with maximum H2 – for drinking near meals, people with heartburn, people conserving water, etc.

2. Hypochlorous acid cleaning/beauty water for killing germs with non-toxic water, eliminating need for cleaning chemicals, veggie wash, skin toner, etc.

3. Level 1-4 drinking water for a gradual detox or targeted areas like digestion or the brain.

www.EchoWaterMachine.com (main website)
www.MolecularHydrogenInstitute.com  (non-profit site on H2)


Watch this 5 minute video on the Echo 9 Ultra H2


For more details on Echo water machine, watch this 48 minute video I did to explain the various features



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Explanation about molecular hydrogen (H2), how it is created, and how it helps the body.

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