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Best Water

The Power of


At the base or foundation of the wellness pyramid is the best water. Hydration is among the most important topics in wellness, yet the most misunderstood and the most unsolved. Take 20 minutes to learn some of the amazing truths about hydration:


www.EchoWaterMachine.com (main website)- agent code is 1047 , contact Julie for possible discount
www.MolecularHydrogenInstitute.com  (non-profit site on H2)

The “Echo H2 Machine”

The “Echo H2 Machine” is an excellent machine and now has the best filtration available from the company and also has the ability to be mounted under sink with a simple add-on faucet option. This machine makes filtered “neutral pH” water – perfect for even people with heartburn challenges and people who drink near their meals. This neutral pH has the maximum amount of molecular hydrogen (H2). This machine also offers a new energy option with selectable frequencies (e.g. parasites). The first month, the frequencies are free and thereafter either $19.95/month or $29.95/month if they are desired. Water is an ideal carrier of frequencies, so this feature can be highly advantageous.



Echo E-Book

Explanation about molecular hydrogen (H2), how it is created, and how it helps the body.

Echo Science Brochure

Current brochure on the science behind Echo.


2016 quotes from health food store owner, physician, and other professionals on Echo water machine.