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The Power of

Energy Technology

We offer a phenomenal form of energy technology – Lifeboat Energy Subscriptions where you use a cell phone app to select which energy products you desire at any given time (e.g. discomfort, energy, focus, calm, weight, sleep, his or hers, vision, multivitamin, CBD, essential oils, probiotics, essential fats, and much more.

If this 3-minute intro video interests you: www.LifeboatEnergyINTRO.com, then watch the 30-minute main presentation www.LifeboatEnergyMAIN.com. If you want to be my partner in this program, contact me or use 10-minute www.LifeboatEnergyACTIONPLAN.com.



The Energy of

Mitochondria Nutrients

If this 3-minute intro video interests you: www.LifeboatMitochondriaINTRO.com, then watch the 30-minute main presentation www.LifeboatMitochondria.com. If you want to be my partner in this program, contact me or use 10-minute www.LifeboatMitochondriaACTIONPLAN.com


The Comfort of

Emotional Support

Emotional Support for helping to train the non-conscious brain – free sessions include being happier, needing a little encouragement, and living a loved life.


The Best Air

Purifier/Surface Sanitizer Technology

The very best air purification technology also sanitizes surfaces at the same time and does not have filters to clean or replace. According to the World Health Organization, 1 out of 8 deaths is from air pollution. The expert researcher at Texas A&M University evaluated 10 air purification technologies and said none come close to being as good as the one from LifesMiracle. This company also offers a half dozen phenomenal all-natural nutrients such as molecular hydrogen combined with ionic minerals, an enzyme/probiotic/herbal blend, and several others.

If this 3-minute intro video interests you www.LifeboatAirINTRO.com, then watch the 30-min main presentation www.LifeboatAir.com. If you want to be my partner in this program, contact me, visit my replicated website www.AirAndNutrients.com and watch 10-minute www.LifeboatAirActionPlan.com

Two phenomenal products have their own videos: www.LifeboatTri-ZymePlus.com (super digestive/gut blend) and www.LifeboatIonicFuel.com (energy/focus/brain blend).

The Perfect

Combination Of LifeBoat Keytones

Lifeboat Ketones technology is exogenous ketones in the form of drinks, bone broth activators, creamers, teas, etc to help the body get into ketosis quicker and get to burning stored fat faster, preserving muscle mass, helping with energy, helping with DNA, relieving hunger, aiding many other health factors. They are a perfect fit with The Fasting Podcast, our Wellness & Optimal Weight (WOW) program, and a valuable tool for those not doing WOW or fasting. Watch www.LifeboatKetonesMain.com.