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Julie Phillips



• Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP)
• Certified Professional of Natural Health Sciences (CPNHS)
• Trained Herb Specialist (THS)
• Certified Leader in Natural Health (CLNH)
• Certified Molecular Hydrogen (H2) Advisor


• The Truth About Hydration with Free Samples

• Digestion, pH Balancing, & Healthy Choices with Free pH Strips

• Energy Technology



WeOfferWellnessSimplified.com (primary website)

LimbicArcWOW.com (energy InfoBoosts)

AegeaWOW.com (non-transdermal patches, personal energy card, fresh card)

LifeboatWeight.com (homeopathic weight & wellness system)

• AirAndNutrients.com (air sanifiers and nutrients including molecular hydrogen)

• Weofferwellness.Nuyugen.com (adaptogen/CBD elixir)

BuyEchoWaterMachine.com (hydration technology & far infrared sauna)

WOW.Enzacta.com (mitochondria nutrients including humic fluvic acid)

Julie Phillips is a Connecticut native with 5 siblings yet has been in Florida so long, most of her friends consider her a Florida native. Her working career started as a mathematician at Cape Kennedy space center, with a natural progression to lead computer software architect for Verizon in Tampa.

After a life threatening scare related to abnormal cells, prayer led Julie to natural health. In addition to resolving 2 sets of abnormal cells, Julie noticed 16 unrelated health improvements. Her 22-year old cats also consumed natural nutrients and quick signs of improvements with joints, allergies, and jumping ability surprised everyone.

For nearly two decades since, Julie’s purpose and passion is to educate and empower others on natural health, not charging for her time and not up-charging her products. Along the way, Julie discovered her first breakthrough technology, “resting the pancreas” and Julie’s family noticed the success she was having with natural health. Other breakthroughs fueled Julie’s passion to help others including “mitochondria anti-glycation nutrients”, whole body rejuvenation studios, and pure drinking water rich in molecular hydrogen. Julie began to serve other wellness professionals, not just consumers. The leverage of helping professionals find profound tools can touch far more lives than helping one individual at a time.

Julie’s approach has been to find the profound education, technology, and tools for magnificent impact. For over 15 years she has taught and coached completely free across the country fulfilling her purpose. When she introduces wellness professionals to exceptional tools and technologies, vastly more people can be helped since they all have their own clientele who can benefit.

Julie’s gift is teaching. She has taught in Tampa health food stores and wellness facilities across the country for 15 years. Favorite classes that help so many people by allowing dial-in access are The Truth About Hydration and Digestion, pH Balancing, & Healthy Choices. For years, Julie’s booth (We Offer Wellness (WOW) Simplified) is voted most popular at corporate health fairs where there is always interactive options such as tasting healthy choices, testing body fat, and more. When she teaches one-on-one, it is usually by phone and email.

For over 15 years, Julie served as the founding President of the Florida state chapter of a nation-wide non-profit that brings natural health classes and wellness coach certification to people in Florida. After that school closed in 2014, Julie was asked to serve as Director of Florida Studies for a new natural health school. Julie has earned multiple wellness certifications, but really treasures her plentiful time off with family.

For many years, Julie takes weekends off and goes on vacation every month. Her hobbies have included motorcycling (street & dirt), go-fast boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, camping, parasailing, and more. Her favorite time is family time which includes a husband soul mate, 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren, and a new puppy who is practically perfect at 9 months – ditto on the grandchildren!


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