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Healing Waters.


Super filtered, rich in hydrogen & beneficial energies


Natural Weight Control.



Homeopathic Weight & Wellness lifestyle all-natural system that target the root causes of the weight problem including detox, thyroid, adrenals, insulin resistance...



Energy Technologies.


Energy subscriptions for discomfort, vision... plus non-transdermal patches for CBD, nitric oxide, and personal energy & fresh cards


The Power of

Lifeboat Marketing

After nearly 20 years, Julie developed a video-driven approach to sharing amazing wellness technologies and earning amazing income after a couple of people say “yes” to the video. The program is called the Health & Wealth Lifeboat Group program and its approach is called Lifeboat Marketing – both invented by Julie.

Please take 8 minutes to see how anyone can benefit and may choose 1 or more technology to share and earn. One can be successful with as little as only 2 sales in their lifetime using the video. Her goal was 6 figures at the end of the first year with only 2 yes’s to the video in 10 days, but Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules prevent distributors from sharing or quoting their spreadsheets or income projections, so if anyone is interested, they must run their own.

There is ONE company who explains their compensation with examples and uses a computer program to show how much of each bonus or commission would be generated with any given scenario. That company has an average full-time representatives income published on their website as $286,539 without the lifeboat concept. For that company their program generated astounding numbers, especially for scenario (step) 2. Ask Julie if you are interested.

INTRO Video to the all of the Chosen Lifeboat Wellness Technologies: www.lifeboatintro.com (7min)


if you want to take action, contact me or replace the word Intro above with ActionPlan…


if you want to take action, contact me or replace the word Intro above with ActionPlan…