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Healing Waters.


Super filtered, rich in hydrogen & beneficial energies


Natural Weight Control.



Cleanse toxins, release fat, and maintain optimal weight with all natural eating & hologram energy support



Energy Medicine Made Simple.


Holographic discs for discomfort, sleep, sinus allergy, stress, & more


The Skinny on


In the middle of the wellness pyramid is “best weight” –  eating all natural as much as possible. There is an energetic component of optimal weight and that can be supported by EMRO Quantum holographic disc technology – available in limited supply now by contacting Julie.

The Weight Control System (WCS) via holograms is accomplished with the Quantum Stress Relief discs, Quantum Sleep discs, Weight Control discs, and Weight Control wristband. The owner of this technology indicates that for lasting weight control at the cellular level, it is best to continue the system for 4 full months.

Regarding eating programs or tools, here is one viable option to use along with the holograms:

Watch this 20 minute video:

Contact Julie for other viable eating programs and tools such as bars, shakes, cookies, etc. that may be used along with the hologram Weight Control System. Also ask Julie about intermittent fasting and extended water fasting options.