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Healing Waters.


Super filtered, rich in hydrogen & beneficial energies


Natural Weight Control.



Cleanse toxins, release fat, and maintain optimal weight with all natural eating & support



Energy Medicine Made Simple.


Holographic discs for discomfort, sleep, sinus allergy, stress, & more


The Power of

Energy Holograms

Energy holograms for discomfort, sleep, energy, stress relief, sinus allergy, circulation, immune, and more. Infused with beneficial energy for placing at specific points on the body, some think of this as “acupuncture without needles”. Everyone can use these simple holographic discs to help the body’s vibrations come into balance and change the way we feel, often in minutes. (website) (36-minute video) (29-minute audio)

The Energy of

Mitochondria Nutrients

Mitochondria Nutrients for helping the body with any function possible. The nutrients feed the cellular batteries (mitochondria) and provide the pepide proteins to repair and rebuild. Another key component is the humic/fluvic acid component to help with virus, bacteria, heavy metals, and more. The other couple of tools combine to make a robust way of helping the body perform the way it was designed. (website)

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The Comfort of

Emotional Support

Emotional Support for helping to train the non-conscious brain – free sessions include being happier, needing a little encouragement, and living a loved life.